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Ron and Heather Rhoads

Ron and Heather Rhoads

Ron and Heather are involved in many types of ministries around the world. Since being a minister for over 23 years and an international evangelist for over 18 years, Ron has had the opportunity to share his testimony on six different continents. Heather is a vital part of the ministry as she ministers in music. They are involved in approximately 50-60 different events each year, including revivals, crusades, international events, retreats, special services, camps, conventions, and more.

A major emphasis of Ron Rhoads Ministries is Soccer Salvation Camps and Crusades. These camps take place several times each year in countries around the world, giving campers the opportunity to participate in a soccer camp while hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ron has ministered in the following states WA, OR, CA, AZ, NM, CO, TX, LA, MS, AR, TN, FL, GA, SC, MD, PA, NY, VT, MA, OH, IL, WI, MT, UT, MN, IN, VA, KY, AL, OK, and MO.

Besides the United States, Ron Rhoads Ministries has had the opportunity to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the countries of Honduras, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, England, Switzerland, Spain, Romania, Latvia, Germany, Niger, Zambia, Mongolia, Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand, Belgium, Haiti, Ukraine, and Guatemala.

Ron ministers from his heart as he shares his testimony, which includes going through the pains and healing of cancer, abuse and rejection several times in his life, several near death experiences, and a broken back and double fusion back surgery. Also, his daughter has battled a rare, incurable disease since she was a baby. The disease causes tumors in her brain, heart, and a kidney. Through all of the pain, Ron has experienced the miraculous healing power of Jesus Christ in his life many times. Ron has gone through numerous situations during his travels which can only be attributed to God's saving power. As the enemy tries to stop Ron from ministering, he continues, through the strength and grace of Jesus Christ, to share the loving message of His Lord and Savior across the globe. Ron and Heather desire to share the life of hope and healing to hurting people and see people in all walks of life start a journey of healing.

Ron Rhoads Ministries, Inc. Board of Directors

  • Chris Chitwood, Director
  • Andy Nelson, Director
  • Darren Pedroza, Director
  • Judy Springfield, Secretary/Treasurer

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